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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Interview with my hometown newspaper!!

I was down in Niagara for a few days for a friend's milestone birthday, and today was interviewed by the Tribune for an article in tomorrow's paper. The reporter was a nice young guy who seemed really enthused about the book and writing the article. It will be neat to see and read the result when it is done.

My brother and his family and some of my friends were really happy that the book was out and they liked the cover and layout, so that is a boost.

Also, the CBC is still wanting me for the news next week, so hopefully we can get that scheduled before the weekend.

I drove home to Toronto and picked up a video CD that I did a week ago. I will have to review it this weekend, and hopefully get some video editing done shortly. I came home to a voice mail from another enthusiastic friend who just received the book, so that put a smile on my face!!

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