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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some kind words from my first sale! ... and CBC!

I was wheeling this afternoon, and all of a sudden someone called out from behind me. It was Mike, the first person to ever buy a copy of the book! What is more unusual, is that he wasn't a friend, or even someone who knew me. I had chatted a few times on the street with his partner Karen, mostly about her dog as she was out walking it. On that occasion, I met Mike for the first time and his old doggie, Hobey. I mentioned that I was exercising to help keep fit for my trips and he instantly pulled out a Blackberry and noted down all my info. When I got home I had an email waiting from him saying he had bought the book. And, even before anyone else knew it was available.

Today, Mike saw me and was sooooo enthusiastic about the book. He asked me questions about Nova Scotia and was laughing about the story of when I arrived in my mother's village in Croatia, all the while she was waiting for me in the next village at the train station. Mike said he was really enjoying it and was about 1/3 thru it. He mentioned that my recommendation of just a few stories each night before bed was a great way to enjoy the book. Thanks guys, I needed that boost!

I received an email from CBC's Metro Morning. MM is interested in interviewing me but need more info!! Also, just now CBC News Today, on CBC Newsworld wants to interview me!

Some mailings to Spina Bifida associations has received results. Lori in Wisconsin is printing out some flyers about the book for their meeting on the 9th, and Shauna of the Ontario group are interested in getting a copy for their lending library. Yeah!!!! I want this book in libraries for disabled adolescents and parents.

Lots of positive energy abounding today.

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