Travels in a Blue Chair: Alaska to Zambia, Ushuaia to Uluru

A disabled adventurer backpacks the world - alone!! This book makes a great holiday gift or corporate prize! See my TV interviews...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cineflix UK, and available at Chapters online.

"Travels in a Blue Chair" is available online now at Chapters/Indigo. It took a lot of emails and phone calls, and took a mere month, but it is up now. Not sure if the actual book will be available at stores if you ask for it.

Received an email from Mfanwy at Cineflix in London, they want a video of me to see what I look like. An exec. got interested when I emailed them regarding a travel program they are recruiting stories for. So who knows?

The flu made a comeback this week.....yeccchhh!

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