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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rotary Club local interest, Int'l interest not so much

I have been trying to contact the Rotary Club International to let them know that a portion of the book royalties are going to be donated to their program to eradicate polio in the developing world. Unfortunately, my emails have gone unnoticed. However, I got word that my hometown Rotary club wants to have me speak at one of their lunch meetings. I will be contacting them tomorrow to see when our schedules cross paths.

On my next trip I really hope to participate in one of Rotary's immunization clinics. For me, it would be full circle (to borrow a Michael Palin reference!), as I had polio when I was only 12 weeks old and it would be great to have a hand in preventing others from getting it too!

Left messages with Canada AM and Global TV's morning shows....but still no phone calls.

Also emailed David Onley who is Ontario's new Lt. Governor. David is disabled and a great role model for me and all others of us, as he was for years a successful broadcaster on CITY TV and CP24, mostly in the area of science and technology. I am hoping he can pull some strings to get the word out. Hey, we have to stick together!! Who knows? Now that he is in government, he may not even get to read his own emails anymore.

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