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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friends of Sam Smith Park

Last week my unofficial publicist, Angela, drafted me to help out with our local park cleanup day this past Sunday.... "bring your book with you", she implored. I decided not to, as I wanted to use the time to devote to the park. Angela, Terry and I spent the morning working the table with our literature and welcoming or encouraging the volunteers.

So many young families and children participated that you really get the feeling that the younger generation is going to be right there keeping Mother Earth safe for future generations. The Sparks/Brownies/Guides/Pathfinder girls were out in force to accept the plastic gloves and trash bags I was handing out. Congrats to all who participated and to the organisers!

Here is the website of the FOSSP group may even see a photo of me in my baseball cap behind the desk (you may have to look back to April's entries)...

Remember, the AGM and election of new officers is on Tuesday at 7 pm in the Assembly Hall.

Even though I didn't bring my book, many on hand were really interested to learn about "Travels in a Blue Chair" and some of my experiences, so that was really great!


The day before, on the Saturday, the City of Toronto was hosting a tree planting day. There were 800 trees to plant and I showed up early in the morning to see if it was possible for me to plant a tree? I found a strapping young lad with a shovel, named Bruce, who happily tilted my chair and slalomed me through the potholes in the meadow to a spot, where he commenced to dig a hole.

I got to plant a Wild Red Raspberry tree (RUBUS IDAEUS), which is going to attract some songbirds to our little park on the lake in the years to come. So many helped out, including a whole group of elderly Tai Chi club members and a boy scout troop, including a scout in a wheelchair! Yay! They didn't have that when I was a kid. Thanks again to Bruce and all the gang on hand for the event.

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