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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The power of the the internet.

The publicising of "Travels in a Blue Chair" has exclusively been through the internet. Even when I have appeared on T.V., radio or in newspapers, my first contact was always via an email introducing myself, the book and by providing a brief blurb which included some of the anecdotes in the book's stories.

Just as an FYI to those of you on the interweb who may be interested here is an archive of some of my 'Net presence...

...and of course - this blog!

I have used FaceBook with the most success. On that system you can join groups and inform people interested in similar topics, about what you are doing and are up to. It seems that FaceBook is most popular in the Canada and Europe, whereas MySpace is what those in the U.S. use the most.

YouTube has really been great for those who want to "meet" me and see what I am all about, talking in my own words. That platform is really special.

One thing is certain, the internet is a really great way of getting the message out!

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