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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Access gets coordinated.

Recently, at my speaking engagement in Niagara, I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret, who is the Accessibility Coordinator at my old university, Brock. When I attended there was no such person and it was up to me to try to mooch a ride around campus (down the escarpment, to the science complex) or try to figure out how to get into Alfie's Trough (the pub, supposedly named after General Sir Isaac Brock's horse!). The pub was down a whole bunch of steps along the hill too!

I think it is great that the university has finally realised the value in assisting disabled students. Margaret is hoping to feature "Travels in a Blue Chair" in her next newsletter in the autumn. I look forward to meeting up with her again and learning about all the initiatives they have completed these last few years.

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