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Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting to know the writer! More Qs from CBC.

Usually, when someone is writing an article about myself or "Travels in a Blue Chair", the questions are e-mailed to me and I then write the answers back. Tonight I was host to Elizabeth, a disabled freelance writer and her friends June and Mario, all from Ottawa. They were down attending a genealogy convention in Hamilton and wanted to make a point of meeting me and conducting the interview in person!

It was a nice change to meet people who had read the book, enjoyed it and asked so many thoughtful questions. On the other side, they seemed really pleased to finally meet the adventurer in a blue chair and get the answers in person and meet the character behind the book. It was a great experience all around.


I received an additional 7 questions on the CBC web interview. I answered them promptly, but as of now they have not been put up on the website. Hopefully the answers will be up soon. Heck, one of them came all the way from Beijing, China!

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