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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A surprise bit of feedback!

I was at a meeting of my local park group last night and arrived early for the meeting. One of the ladies in attendance, Barbara, had me sign a book for her in the summertime, during one of the street events I had been at.

Barbara had just returned from a visit to Thailand and told me she had been enjoying Travels in a Blue Chair whilst on her vacation to that country!! Just as she was enjoying a meal at the hotel in Bangkok, she turned the page and was surprised to find the next story was about my visit to that very city!

It is always great to hear from people who are enjoying my collection of funny, short stories!!


tara @ kidz said...

I bet you have touched so many more people than you'll ever know!

Blue Chair Blog said...

Wow!! Thanks so much for that comment! The thing about writing a book is that many people read one copy, so that is the power of the printed word and my stories.

Many people have written me and touched my life as well! ...Walt!