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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Have wheels, will travel" - today in the Globe and Mail !

Many thanks to Allison at the Globe & Mail for including me in her article "Have wheels, will travel", about disabled travellers who are getting out to see the world despite the obstacles thrown at us....

Here is an excerpt from the Allison's article....also there were two colour photos included...

Toronto's Walt Balenovich, a wheelchair maverick who has written a book about his journeys, Travels in a Blue Chair, excels in choosing adventures far from the tourist traps.

He never books his hotels in advance and is always able to find someone to help him get around. He doesn't even worry about finding an accessible shower - there's always soap, water and a washcloth, he says.

"I travel alone so I have to rely on people to help me," he says. "Who wouldn't help somebody in a wheelchair? It takes five minutes out of your day and you come away from it feeling good."

He says that because he's "looking to rough it," he enjoys staying in hostels, where he meets interesting people and often has a more unique experience.

Even a medical emergency abroad did little to deter him. "I had a bad experience in Zambia where I fell out of the wheelchair and broke my leg." A doctor with a "blurry X-ray machine" slapped a cast on him, and Balenovich continued on his way.

He's proof that experiences are limitless for the traveller with a little chutzpah. He has soaked in the spray of Iguazu Falls in Argentina, visited rice paddies in Indonesia and floated on a catamaran over the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

"I just find a destination. I don't worry about whether the wheelchair is going to be a problem or not. The world is not built with a ramp."

The interview was done a week or so ago, and it turned out great! Hey, all my friends are now starting to call me The Maverick ! This article should really help get the news out about "Travels in a Blue Chair".

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