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Friday, October 26, 2007

The people you meet...

Yesterday I was doing my usual twice daily wheel around the neighbourhood and a helpful young student at Humber stopped to ask if I needed help wheeling around in the blue chair. We got to talking and she mentioned that her god daughter has cerebral palsy. Sara volunteers with disabled children at ErinOak in Mississauga, which is where I also volunteered, way back in the 90's. I mentioned my book, as one of the reasons for writing "Travels in a Blue Chair" is that I hope I can be a positive role model for young disabled people and reinforce to parents of disabled kids the fact that these children will grow up to be productive adults in today's society. Anyway, Sara took my card and hopes to include the book in ErinOak's next newsletter.

I stopped by the local branch of the Toronto Library, which is across the street. I asked if they had a section on the disabled and the young woman wasn't sure, but we filled out a form for the purchase of new books. She said that she would attach a copy of my webpage to the application form. I really hope to get this book into public and school libraries over the next few months.

Breakfast TV sent me a reply asking me to email and fax the info back to them!! Red tape!! I did what they asked.

No responses yet from the email campaign to the print media.

....and the beat goes on!

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