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Monday, July 7, 2008

Ooops! Who pulled (or didn't connect) the plug ?!

I really enjoy using YouTube to reach out to the internet community and let them know about "Travels in a Blue Chair".

I was really excited that when I was down in Niagara a few months ago for the Accessibility Symposium. The speakers were being recorded and I was told that I would be receiving a copy of the video.

Well, news is that the audio cable didn't get hooked up! So, if there is any tape, it will be a Charlie Chaplin video of me. Would probably be quite funny to see actually! If I do get hold of it, I may try to do a funny voice-over and put it up on YouTube anyway.

Ah well, the bumps on the path to promotion of a book are many and unforeseen. Cheers!

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