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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heard the word? Rotary International

One of the things that I haven't mentioned at all in this blog (since I have relied almost exclusively on using web technologies to get the word out) is the fact that I have come to realize recently, that word of mouth has had a great impact on the success of "Travels in a Blue Chair".

My local publicist, Angela, has never missed a chance to tell all her friends and acquaintances about my book, and I know it has been tremendously successful. Additionally, all my family and friends in my hometown have let it be known that the book is available and what the stories are all about.

Recently, one of my former university professors, Mary Frances, wrote to tell me that she had heard about the book and obtained a copy. She is a member of Rotary International, and told all her fellow Rotarians about the fact that I am also trying to help their Polio Eradication programme. Although the organization's magazine, The Rotarian, decided not to mention the book in any of their issues, I am confident that after I speak at an upcoming meeting, that will change - for the better!!

The moral of this story - Please get out and spread the word to your friends and fellow readers if you have enjoyed these stories. Every little word helps!

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