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Monday, July 14, 2008

A "great" review from a Dr. in France !!

Here is an e-mail message I received from a medical doctor in France who has read my book and really enjoyed it. He actually called me and left a message, and hopefully we will be in verbal contact soon. I just wanted to include an excerpt here to demonstrate that people are appreciating this book even in some walks of life that I could not have foreseen.

This medical professional has really got the point of "Travels in a Blue Chair" !!...the title of his e-mail (... and I write this sheepishly.. lol) was, "A Great Book".

"I am Dr XXX from France, specialist in rehabilitation medicine, ...

I have read books about living of disabled persons written by disabled authors, but yours is really different. Actually, I think your spontaneity in your way of living ... makes the difference. Your ability to get help from people wherever you are, shows your cleverness in creating contact with people by using your disability. You know how to use this blue wheelchair to develop links around yourself.

Medical staffs of rehab must learn from your way of living, with the aim to convince their patients of their quality of life. Keep in contact... Sincerely Yours, Dr. XXX"

Merci Doctor, for all your encouragement and help to the cause!

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