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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Canada AM interview with Marci !!

Got up early again for the CTV interview as a snowstorm hit Toronto! Luckily Katie, from Canada AM had asked if I wanted a car to pick me up, so I took that offer. I arrived at 7 am. for the 8.40 am. interview and was escorted around the back, down a steep ramp and thru the warehouse until we got to the studio "green room".

I met Katie and all the staff, including a cute married couple from Pickering, she is really thin but is 8 months pregnant! They both work together there, awwwwww!

The interview went well and Marci was quite nice and spoke highly of the book. Katie put a story from my book on the CTV website and a link to my website. Here is the can see the interview using the video link on the right side of the story...

Thanks to Katie and all the gang at CTV Canada AM for a great experience!

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