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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Q-107 Monday's interview is off.

Well, things have taken an unexpected and unpleasant turn!

Before I left for a Canada Day camping holiday we had arranged to record an interview on Monday, July 6th.

I returned to find an email from Ryan, in my box letting me know that Q-107 "will not be able to do the interview next week", and with no comment about arranging a future date.

They had asked for a book, which as readers of this blog know, is the biggest obstacle to getting interviewed, due to the lack of books when you self-publish. I have provided a bio and link to my website, where 3 stories from "Travels in a Blue Chair" could be read. Additionally, I can provide some discussion points.

I had suggested simply phoning the interview, as it would be much easier for me than to go downtown at rush hour. But that was only a suggestion.

Oh well, that is what this blog is all about! The ups and downs, highs and lows, and trials and tribulations of trying to get the word to disabled people about the book's existence.

Ryan did say they would mention my book and try to help me out. They wanted to be updated on future happenings.

Still it would be nice to know what happened and if they are still going to follow through with the interview?

I hope so. I know that John Derringer and all the morning gang and their listeners will really enjoy learning about some of my hilarious adventures!

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