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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lincoln Centennial School - Mr. Lemon's Gr 5/6 class!!

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking in front of Mr. Lemon's Gr. 5/6 class at Lincoln Centennial Public School in St. Catharines. I also brought some trinkets from some of my trips, including a boomerang from Australia.

They had read the story from my book about my trip to New York City, and had lots of questions about me, the book and some of the reasons why I wrote the book!!

Here are some of the questions....

Can you move your legs? Yes, but only the right one.
Why did you want to write the book? All my friends enjoyed my stories over the years.
How many countries did you visit? 28
Do you like being famous? ha ha ha
Are you rich? Um, nope, still working!
Where was your favourite part of the world? Oh, Africa because of all the animals!!
Why did you start a sentence with "because"? Ooops, they also found a mistake in my sentence structure! Those sharp eyed students!
Where do I live and do I live alone? Boy, they really tried to catch me off guard!

Anyway, I hope they enjoyed my visit as much as I did. The students all made me feel famous and like a celebrity when they lined up to get my autograph!

Thanks to the whole class and Mr. Lemon. Don't forget to email me the picture of us all.

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Anonymous said...

hi i'm one of the students in mr.lemons class and i think your book was great, hope u visit us again sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!