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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The dusty old Blue Chair is put out to pasture ;-(

My old blue chair has been around the world 4 times, been to every habitable continent on earth, had more flat tires than I care to remember, carried so many kids on my lap for rides around the block, and tipped over so many times that I have been black and blue with broken bones included!

But, through it all was the sense of comfort and a good feeling that you probably get when you are home at sitting in your favourite chair.

My chair is the chair I wear.

Sadly, the front left wheel is falling off and the frame has been damaged beyond I have finally transitioned into another, of course!!

It has been very traumatic for me and a pain in the neck (literally, as well as the bum), but the deed is done. I haven't decided what to do with it. It is folded up in a corner of my flat just now, but I hope I can find a use for it.

Cheers to my old friend ....the Blue Chair! You were a great companion, and a toast to the new Blue the travels and adventures yet to come!!

Stay tuned!

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