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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mention on BBC's OUCH! podcast! Shunned by CBC.

News from London that my book was mentioned on the BBC last week. Actually the book is doing quite well in the UK.

BBC has a great disabled centric website called OUCH! The site highlights important disabled related issues, and news, complete with discussion forums and podcasts done by disabled BBC personalities.

The gang at BBC asked the listeners to check out my website and provide feedback as to whether I should be a telephone guest on the show! So, all you British readers, let them know you want me on!

Many thanks to the personalities at OUCH! and especially Emma, who is the researcher there.

Meanwhile back at the CBC...

I have hit a brick wall with the CBC Ombudsman of all people. Vince Carlin is passing the buck saying he can do nothing about my complaint, yet on the CBC website it says complaints are his #1 priority !??

For background, my book has been in CBC offices going into a 5th month now. I was shuttled between 2 NewsWorld morning programs, and more recently 3 radio programs, including one called "Sounds like Canada", but they rejected the Canadian backpacker in the blue chair as unsuitable for their show. The head of programming at CBC, Fred Fuchs, has totally ignored my phone call and emails.

Last week here in Canada, the CBC was criticised in the media for ignoring Francophone culture during a recent music awards program, when all the French language artists were chopped out.

It seems to me that disabled culture is under threat as well, when our milestones are not just ignored, but shunned.

CBC could learn a diversity lesson or two from Big Brother over at the BBC !

Looks like we're gonna have to "take this to the top". Let the CBC know what you think about this matter!

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