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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great reading last Friday !

I went to the reading on Friday, and I expected that it would only take an hour or so, as I understood that I was second on the agenda, out of a total of three respondents. 

When I arrived, it turned out that the organizers had received a lot of late interest after putting posters up around the village.

I actually was fifth, and just before an intermission!  The whole event lasted from 7-10 pm, and the little coffee house was packed to the rafters.  In fact, the overflow had to sit and listen from out in the main lobby.

There were lots of really good poetry readings, many of them original, and the moderator always recited something brief, between introductions.

I read a story from Fiji, out of my book "Travels in a Blue Chair", and it was warmly received, with lots of great feedback.

It was a very worthwhile evening and opened my eyes to all the other closet authors out there composing in the dark!

Many thanks to all the folks at the Theatre of Change,  involved for having me out to this wonderful recital.

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