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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Long Branch Public Library, book group 2010

It was a great afternoon on Sunday, down at Tatsu's Bread here on the lake shore in the west end of Toronto! I met so many new friends and they all asked about "Travels in a Blue Chair", and many asked me to sign a copy of the book for them.

Also, many thanks to Tatsu, the baker and owner of the bakery, who was so welcoming. Tatsu introduced me to this wife and little daughters and all the staff kept me supplied with great coffee all afternoon long. One of Tatsu's daughters is named, Kaete, which is Japanese for "maple leaf" ! Isn't that a wonderful name?

One of the people who came in to meet me and discuss the book, was Dorota, from the Long Branch Public Library, near the border with Mississauga. Dorota had learned about my book via the posters some of my friends had put up around the neighbourhood. She asked me to sign a copy and invited me to a book discussion group she hosts at her library branch!! We are aiming for early next year.

Many thanks to all my friends who came out to talk to me that day as well as Cy and Isabelle, who worked on the posters. You guys are the best !!

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