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Monday, September 21, 2009

My talk in Dunnville

I really enjoyed my talk in Dunnville yesterday.  Everyone there was so hospitable, and Joyce had even set up some coffee and treats on a back table.

The crowd was very receptive and I even remembered to set my cell phone to beep 15 minutes before the hour was up, so that I would leave time for questions.  Many of those in attendance introduced themselves to me beforehand and already had questions or told me about their recent travel adventures!  It was so great.

The talk went quite well and when it was question time, one fellow, a library user, had already checked out "Travels in a Blue Chair" and told us how much he enjoyed it.  He had even written down some of his favourite passages and surprised me with a present - two beers! - because he said I was usually enjoying one in most of my stories.  What a neat thing to happen.

I signed many copies of the book and then talked for an hour afterwards to many of the patrons. 

Thanks so much for the invitation and the great time in Dunnville!

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