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Friday, February 13, 2009

Meanwhile in Santiago...

I can't say as I have done much on my first week here at Casa Roja backpackers. Firstly, Delta bent the frame of my chair slightly and then I arrived and found my ride didn't show up. No matter, I hopped on a van and went to my first hostel right on the main square, Plaza de Armas.

The hostel really had no character, but did have a friendly washroom, however the doors to the rooms had no locks and the place was quite noisy.

Next day, I wheeled the 11 blocks, with all my stuff and my wonky chair, to Barrio Brasil, to the west. And now I am here at Casa Roja.

I have been chilling out, getting out each morning for a wheel around the square, before it gets too hot, and meeting new friends here, many of whom are young backpackers out of money, working here to get free beds. Two, Justin and Rob, from Ireland left just last night, and they were so kind in letting me enjoy their homemade concoctions, as Rob is a chef! Salmon croquets on the BBQ, curries, and curried soups. We had far too much homemade Pisco Sour, but it was great.

Last evening we headed to Platypus, the bar next door for a great meal, most of mine Rob ate, but that is only fair!! Actually he raved about the raspberry rissoto.

Anyway, another week to go? Will I get to the coast or Mendoza, or just chill out here and relax in the 33C weather? Who knows?

Stay tuned.

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