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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

...and back at the Japanese coffee shop...

When my buddy Terry picked me up at the airport early Sunday morning, I was totally knackered, but I suggested we stop by my favourite Japanese coffee shop only a few blocks from my flat. On the weekends, some students from Humber College form an ensemble to perform some light music.

Whilst there, we bumped into Barb, a local artist and book enthusiast, who was very interested in "Travels in a Blue Chair"! Barb also has lots of contacts with in the Toronto Public Library system and promised to investigate why those books on order have never showed up. Actually, I later checked, and it seems they may have arrived! Yay!

Barb is hoping to have me out to do a reading for her book group in the near future. In addition, I am hoping to also do a reading at the bakery!

You just never know whom you'll meet after returning home from Chile!

Now Terry and I are preparing for our first live drum debut at the local Thai restaurant on Friday night. That should be good for a chuckle.

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