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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breakfast Television Interview!!

Well, after a sleepless night and waking at 3.30 am., I finally left my apartment at 5.40 am. The staff at CITY-TV were really friendly and Brad, who had booked me on the show, greeted me in the parking lot.

Dina, the interviewer, was really nice and made me feel at ease by asking me about the book, before we went to air. The actual chat flew by, which really surprised me and I didn't feel too nervous on the live show. BT is the highest rated morning show in Southern Ontario, so it reaches a huge audience.

When I got home, I had an email from Kelly, who works at the disabled studies program at Ryerson, and she had already ordered a book! Wow, the feedback from my friends has been totally positive and with very little mocking. However, my friend Tina noticed that I did come after the photos of misshapen vegetables that look like other things. lol

I hope to have the interview up on YouTube...thanks to the gang at B.T. !!

Angela and I meet the Chapters rep. tomorrow, so here's hoping....

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