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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gretzky is a great guy!

I recently attended an event for the local hospital last night, and the guest speaker was Wayne Gretzky! Wayne is only the greatest hockey player of all time and does quite a lot of charity work now that he is in his retirement.

As I was enjoying a glass of wine and some sushi, someone to my left stuck out his hand for me to shake. Since I am in a chair, I didn't see who it was at first, as his head is at a different level than mine, but I shook the hand without thinking. It turned out to be Wayne!!

I told him my "Gretzky story", about how I was in the old Buffalo Aud when he scored a natural hat trick in the third period to win the game 3-2, and in doing so, he broke Phil Esposito's NHL goal scoring record. He laughed when I told him I was annoyed with him, because he scored all the goals at the other end of the ice, since I was behind the Oilers net that night.

I gave him a signed copy of my book, Travels in a Blue Chair, and he was really interested. Later, when it was time for my picture to be taken with him, he even remembered my name, likely because it is also his dad's name. On the way out he again called my name and said he looked forward to reading it.

Wayne is well known for his mild mannered demeanor and being a nice guy. He really is too!

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