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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My friend Harvey

On the weekend my good friend Harvey passed away suddenly. He is a great loss to his family and friends who loved him.

Harvey and I travelled around Ontario quite a bit when I played sledge hockey for 10 years. He was the coach of the team, and I was one of the players. We had similar likes and both of us loved topical conversations about sports, travel and life.

When I wrote the book, Harvey was one of the first to order it and read it. He was a great reader, and he was so encouraging to me. He liked the book, because he had been a backpacker in his younger day, all over Europe and in Israel, where he met his wife. I was always in awe of his stories and the things he experienced during the days of the Cold War, and he loved listening to my stories about my travels.

In these last few years, we camped together with our other buddy, John. We camped each September, once the camping season was quieting down, and the weather was still nice. Originally we camped in a tent, then for a few years in his camper, and finally, after John and his wife bought a condo up north, on the couch or floor in his new place.

We all had fun, and became a part of Harvey's life and family. Harvey, you were a wonderful friend and I will miss you.

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