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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

CBC, BT and NPR in the U.S. - Oz is bookable!

CBC's Morning Show contacted me and hopes to have me on in the next few weeks! YEAH! The radio end of things also wants me on one of their shows, but I need more info on that.

Breakfast Television also is very interested in having me on, but not until after the holidays, so I am to contact them early in the new year.

National Public Radio in the U.S. also seemed interested in my adventures, tho' not sure how to get me on, yet.

"Travels in a Blue Chair" is now available online in Australia. That is great for all my Aussie friends...after all, I've only been there 4 times!!

I am also trying to initiate a book signing event with Chapters/Indigo.

A good day.

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