Travels in a Blue Chair: Alaska to Zambia, Ushuaia to Uluru

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

An uplifting book

I received an email from someone who recently read "Travels in a Blue Chair" and really seemed to enjoy it! Here is a quote from the email...

" I saw you on Breakfast TV (I think) a few years ago and finally remembered to pick up up your book.  It was great!  I knew you were a traveler but had no idea how much and how far you have gone.  Your character really shines though and I wish everyone could share your perspective on life.  Very uplifting.  There are so many kind and helpful people in the world but sad that our media is completely focused on the opposite.  Will there be a part 2?"

It is always so nice when an author gets this kind of feedback!! As for the answer to your question...stay may be surprised !!

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