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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eastdale Reunion

This past weekend I attended the reunion for the 50 years that my old secondary school has existed. The events ran for three days and I was able to attend 2 days worth.

It was very surprising and humbling to see how many former classmates and friends had heard of the book, and the event organiser, Barry, even had a copy of "Travels in a Blue Chair" that he asked me to sign. Barry confessed he hadn't had time to read it, due to all his great work on the reunion, but promised to relax with it after things settled down.

It was so great to see so many friends from my youth. The favourite quote of the weekend, would be a fellow stopping, pointing at me, smiling and yelling "I carried you up those stair for five years!". Great stuff. Now they have an elevator for the students who need it and they have wheelchair friendly washrooms too! That's great, but in a small way it is sad too. With no elevator in those days, I sure met lots of other students who assisted me, and I am sure I would never have interacted with them otherwise.

Hats off to Barry, Debbie and their committee for all the great work! And hats off to the class of 77/78, as we were the largest, friendliest and loudest year at the events!!

I hope we all meet up again at the next reunion too!

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