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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Richard Branson - Virgin Atlantic Airways

I got a brainstorm this week to contact Richard Branson, the owner of the "Virgin" brand, and specifically "Virgin Atlantic Airways".  As a result, I left a message to him on his website.

I know that he is a lover of adventure and I thought it might be a good idea to tell him about myself and "Travels in a Blue Chair".   

Additionally, I wanted to enquire to see if he would be interested in sponsoring a year of worldwide travel via his airline.

I am hoping to use this trip to create a documentary, in conjunction with the "Virgin Earth Challenge", to show that the disabled can travel the world independently and enjoy the planet and the many cultures on it!

It could really motivate other disabled people to travel too!

It is early days yet, and I haven't heard back....but I am hoping that I will.  

1 comment:

Szymon said...

Great idea! Good luck with that! I hope it works out! Greetings from La Paz! See you around! ;)